Friday, October 21, 2005

Radio Silence

Well, the blog has been silent for a while, but not for want of material. Jeebus, leave the country for a little while and all hell breaks loose. I split and oh so many of the pots I’d been obsessively watching for months for the slightest hint of rising bubbles suddenly start boiling over, making a mess of the stovetop upon my return. DeLay indicted (twice!). Judy Miller decides to talk (sort of) and then, what ho, says “oops, I think I may have forgotten something,” “finds” some “lost” notes and troops on back to Third and Constitution for another chat. (No triumphal parade out of the courthouse that time, though!) Rove's memory gets somehow jogged as well, and he visits the grand jury for the fourth (!) time. First under investigation by the SEC! The White House farm team (currently running the show while the varsity squad tries to get the fifth iteration of their story straight)lets George appoint his bestest friend (or, pace Abu Gonzalez, his second bestest friend) to the Supremes, generating a two-front civil war on the right – a prayer-book revolt by the snake-handlers for Jesus coupled with a collective wail from the Bowtie Brigade who were hoping for a winger with a brain. Keeeriistalmighteee, it’s Christmas in October. For one who is a bit of slow writer (at least by the standards of blogdom), this presents something of a challenge, but I will endeavor to post at least a little on each.

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