Wednesday, October 26, 2005

And now, the point spread

Grand jury met for three hours and then went home. Guess it was a pretty quick vote.

Since there is not enough time to show my work, I'll skip ahead to the predictions/speculations -- as hinted at below.

Two, possibly three indictments approved by the grand jury today: Just about certain that Libby and Rove will be the first two. Libby for a classified-information-related charge (whether IIPA, Espionage Act, or something else) as well as for perjury and obstruction. Rove for perjury and obstruction alone (Fitz likely offered to deal down to a plea of lying to federal agents, and Rove said, no I'm going for all the marbles). Rove skates by any mishandling-of-classified-information charge because his (final) story that he got the info from Libby and had no idea it was classified checks out (and, frankly, that makes some sense).

As for the possible third, my money's always been on Hadley. As the Croupier says, always go with your first count, odds are you're right.

Indictments remain sealed for some time. Plea bargain offers from Fitz remain on the table.

A new grand jury is empanelled to finish up the job, which shouldn't take too long now.

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